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Compensation Disclosure Notice

Sangam Insurance business practices

Sangam Insurance does business with multiple insurance companies and normally can offer you a variety of coverage choices. As a result, we can assist you in securing the combination of coverage, price, and service that best fit your needs. This disclosure notice is intended to identify the various methods by which we are compensated and how these compensation methods are determined.


We are compensated on a commission basis by the insurance company that writes your insurance. This commission percentage is set by the company, not by us, and is included as a part of the insurance premium you pay.


Some agencies bill service fees in addition to commission income. Sangam Insurance  Brokerage Inc. does not charge you any fees for placing your policy, except, when quoted, a fee for the filing of surplus lines taxes, if required.



We assure every client and every prospective client that our decisions with respect to placement of your insurance have always been and will continue to be guided by the best interests of our clients.

If you have any questions or if you would like additional information about any aspect of the compensation we earn on your account, please contact your client service representative at

Credit Check Disclosure Notice

Most carriers require credit check of individuals  for insurance applications and it is done by carrier itself when required. If you do not give permission then should notify agency before quotes obtained by agency.  Agency is not responsible for any credit check by carriers / insurance companies. Our email is

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